When I talk about you, it always puts a smile on my face and a feeling of happiness. Alex (TC)
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woah calm down im just trying to date your dad

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Also, never, never forget you are my pride and joy and never are you a burden to me. Alex (my tc)
April 1st 2014
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Hey TCers

i don’t think i’ll be on again. I’ve lost the feelings i have for my TC Alex. Don’t get me wrong, i love him but i’m not in love with him. I wish you all the best of luck with your teacher crushes! Thank you all for making me feel as if i’m not the only one!

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Sorry I haven’t/ wont be on guys, i’m busy with school and sort of abandoned my other blog so i’ll be on there! My url is newyorkcity-queen.tumblr.com if you wanna check it out!
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The day i met my TC

On September 8th 2009 i met him (my url) and i do remember it clearly I was wearing a floral shirt, shorts and flip flops (dont judge i was in seventh grade lol) i’m sure he was wearing something blue since it’s his favorite color. It was not on the first day of school but on that day i had gotten a schedule change and he was my Social Studies (history) teacher, i heard soo many great things about him so i was excited to have him. Anyway i walked into the hallway his classroom is in— i still remember what its called like the loser that i am, but it’s Hall G and his classrom number was 308 he was standing out his door greeting his students as he walked in and my first words to him were ” I got a schedule change and i’m in your class” he didn’t hear me because I mumbled and he’s old like that (lol) when i was practically yelling in his ear he finally heard me and let me in his classroom. I was so excited because from the moment i met him, i don’t know why but i knew he was going to be a special teacher.
Then he checked his roster to see if i was really in his class and sure enough i was! It’s quite hard to explain how his room is set up but he put me in the back yet directly in front of his podium so he could see me. He made me feel so welcomed that day he praised me a lot that day saying “why can’t you guys be more like diane here?”
And since that day i looked forward to second period everyday and seeing his smile, hearing his voice, smelling his scent oh that scent of his.. I miss him so damn much.

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When my TC accidentally touches me


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Is it just me, or do half the people in the tc community want to be teachers? I think that just shows what a difference a good teacher can make…

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Day 11: If you could go back in time and change one thing that involves your TC, what would that one thing be and why?

I can honestly say theres noting i want to change.. lol jk I just cant think of anything ;)

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It started as a small crush.
Then I realized I am completely in love with him.
I kept it to myself.
Then told a few friends.

Now, basically the whole school knows I am dangerously in love with him.

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